Infinite Worlds by Vagabon

Infinite Worlds is the debut album of New York based band Vagabon. Fronted by Laetitia Tamko, originally from Cameroon, Vagabon release this project under the Father/Daughter record label.

The most striking thing about Infinite Worlds is how endearing and beautiful the songs are despite its lo-fi sensibility. This album is really worth a listen if you enjoyed Hop Along’s latest album, Painted Shut. Although this album is less folky with it’s instrumentation, the critical aspect of the album, sincere and sentimental lyrics sung over lo-fi instrumental, still comes through. The only track that deviates from the lo-fi/ indie rock sound is Mal à L’aise which is a largely synth driven ambient track with sampled vocals rounding out the track. Other tracks are reminiscent of other contemporary indie rock artists such as Angel Olsen and Mitski.

Standout Track: Fear and  Force, Cold Apartment, The Embers.


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